Terms & Conditions - Woolton & Lark Lane 2015

Please note: by applying for a place at our Art & Craft Markets you agree to abide by these Ts & Cs.

1.             Events are organised by Calidad Events.  All correspondence from Calidad will be conducted by email, including confirmation of your place at the Event.  In the very rare instance that we need to send something by post to you, you will be informed of this via email.

2.             All sellers must be the designer and creator of the items they sell – no Agents, no bought-in goods, no, "health" juices or other such product, no kits and no products which breach copyright are allowed.  Occasionally, references may be required.  Items for sale can include original paintings/prints, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, glass, textiles and other similar pieces.  Bought-in items for resale are wholly unacceptable.  Any Event fees paid by sellers who have flouted this condition will be forfeited.

3.             Each individual space costs £18.   The allocated space is strictly limited to the size of a 6 foot trestle table and 2 chairs (all provided by us), with no allowance for extra items to the sides of stalls.  Any additional stands or method(s) of exhibiting your work which require additional floor space will be treated as a separate space and charged at a rate of £18.  However, you are not obliged to have a table – if your work is free-standing or you have other means of exhibiting it, then you are most welcome to simply have a space (with 2 chairs) equivalent to that of a table, for the rate of £18.  If you don’t require a table you must tick the appropriate box on the form when booking – to enable us to allocate places accordingly. You must only set up within the boundaries of your allocated pitch, ensuring your work causes no danger to the public.  No items are to be placed on the floor at the front or sides of your allocated space. 

4.             All stallholders must have appropriate insurance at the time of booking and email a copy to Calidad when requested.  Calidad do not recommend any particular insurance company, but two affordable ones to consider are:  www.a-n.co.uk/air and www.cmtia.co.uk

5.             If you are allocated a place, you will receive bank transfer details for your payment to be made.

6.             Once you are allocated a place, you must make your payment by bank transfer by the time we specifyIf you do not make payment within the stated time your place will be allocated to another applicant, without any reminder.  Please ensure you clearly identify your payment eg. with your name or business name – payments made into our account, that cannot be easily identified will be ignored – and as a result, you may lose your place.

7.             By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, all Creatives agree to help advertise Events by putting details on their website/facebook page or other means of social media and distributing/displaying flyers - the more people who find out about the Events, the more chance you have of selling your work.

8.             Calidad will not accept liability for any loss of and/or damage to any property of those selling at Events; nor any injury to the public caused by you, your representatives or your products/services to others at the Events.

9.             Calidad reserves the right to request removal of any sellers or their artwork which could be deemed of an offensive or inappropriate nature.  Artwork must not cause danger to the exhibitor or the general public.

10.           All tables must be well presented and covered with a floor length cloth or similar.

11.           Access to the venue for stallholders will be from 9.00 am.  The public have access 10am to 2pm at Woolton and 10am to 3pm at Lark Lane.   On arrival please make yourself known to one of the Calidad representatives, so that we can give you your table number. Your table number is non-transferable, so please do not request a move. Table locations are planned to give a varied layout of creatives' work for the public to enjoy.

11a.         The entrance to the Woolton venue is in Church Road South.  There is some parking on Church Road South but this is limited. There is ample free parking on High Street.

11b.         The entrance to the Lark Lane venue is in Sefton Grove, down the left hand side of the Old Police Station.  You can double park while unloading, but must not cause obstruction or danger to passers-by or other vehicles. You must remove your car once you have unloaded.  There is some parking on Lark Lane, but this does get congested and traffic wardens operate on the Lane. There is ample free parking in Sefton Park.

12.           All tables must be fully set up 20 minutes before Events start.

13.           Doors will close at the advertised time.  However, if buyers are still milling beyond this time, then please be prepared to stay a little while - it doesn't look professional if sellers start packing up when there are still potential customers around – and sales can still be made late in the day! 

14.           We try very hard to ensure that each Event has a good balance of items for sale. Please do not be offended if we have to refuse your booking for reasons of balance. There will be other Events for you to attend.

15.           Your booking will be confirmed as soon as we receive your booking form, a copy of valid insurance and full payment by bank transfer.

16.           Cancellations by stallholders up to 14 days before the date of the event will be subject to an administration fee of £6.00 for each place cancelled.     Any cancellations made less than 14 days before the event date, for any reason, will forfeit the total fee paid.    Cancellations may be made by telephone or email, but must be confirmed in writing as soon as possible.  We will acknowledge any cancellations.  

17.           Stallholders can neither sell on their space to another seller, nor substitute other sellers in their space – our policy is to operate a fair waiting list – to which we strictly adhere. 

18.           In the unlikely event of the Event being cancelled or the venue unavailable owing to circumstances beyond our control, we will endeavour to arrange another date in the near future, or refund your money in full.

19.           Children must be carefully supervised at all times.

20.           All temporary structures, artwork and litter must be removed completely by you at the end of each Event. It is your responsibility to ensure your pitch is kept free from litter and any other trip hazards throughout the day. You must not cause obstructions in aisles or doorways.  Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.  You must not mark or damage furniture or walls etc.

21.           No electricity or generators will be offered to, nor used by, you.  No cooking equipment of any description is allowed.

22.           You agree to the recording of Calidad Events by Calidad or their representatives, who may film and/or photograph the event and artworks for the documentation and promotion of future Events. Wherever possible, exhibitors will be credited.

23.           We will do our utmost to ensure that you have a successful Event, but we cannot be held responsible for the weather, interruption of power or services, or failure of media advertising to appear.

 Submitting your application form to Calidad indicates you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions and agree to abide by them.