FAQs For Potential Sellers

Here and within the Terms & Conditions, we hope to answer any questions
you may have in relation to our Events.

If, after reading this section and the Ts & Cs, you still have a query please use the Contact page and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

1.  What sort of things can I sell at Calidad's Art & Craft Markets?
We welcome a wide range of original work including paintings/prints, jewellery, cards, textiles, photography, beauty products etc.  Our markets are solely for Creatives to sell their own finished work, so no craft kits, supplies, or "health" products/juices or other such products will be offered for sale.

2. Can I sell other people's work?
No  All pieces for sale must be your own original work - no Agents, no bought-in goods and nothing which breaches copyright laws

3.  Do I need insurance?
Yes.   ALL sellers MUST have insurance - no place will be offered to you without proof of your current policy.  We don't recommend any particular company, but two you might like to consider are cmtia.co.uk and a-n.co.uk/air  - policies with these companies costs around £48 which, over the course of a year's events is a minimal amount for cover.

4.  What is the cost of a space?
Each space costs £18.  This is the first rise in at least four years.

5.  How do I pay?
If you are offered a place, you will be sent details to pay by bank transfer.

6.  Do you provide table and chairs?
Yes.  We provide you with a trestle table which is approximately 6ft long and 2ft deep.  You are welcome to bring your own table, if you wish, as long as it does not exceed these measurements.  There is no reduction in cost for bringing your own table.

7. Will there be others selling products similar to mine?
In all probability there will be others selling similar products to you.  However, as all products are handmade, no two Creatives will be selling exactly the same work.  For example we have a number of people making jewellery - each of them has their own style, preference of materials and individual creative process.  Your work may be under the same heading as someone else's but that doesn't make it the same.  Having a mix of styles provides the public with more choice. 

8.  Is there parking at the venue?
There is no on-site parking at either of our venues.  However, there is plenty of free parking around the venues.  We advocate legal parking at all times as Traffic Wardens regularly patrol at each location. 

9.  How many visitors attend your events?
As with all events, our customer attendances fluctuate.  We don't claim to have vast numbers of people attending - some months we can have hundreds through the door and others it's quieter.  What we have found is that high numbers through the door don't always mean sales for our Creatives.   We are now in our 7th year at Lark Lane and our 2nd at Woolton, providing a service which appeals - otherwise our Creatives wouldn't make repeated bookings with us and the public wouldn't attend. 

10.  Will my work sell?
This we obviously cannot guarantee. We've seen a variety of Creatives come and go - some just book for one event and expect to sell lots of their pieces and when this doesn't happen they never come back.  That's absolutely fine, we totally understand how disheartening that is - it's happened to us!  However, we would suggest you don't expect to sell at your first event (any event, not just ours) and instead view it as an opportunity to showcase your work to the public.  It takes time to build up an awareness of your work - the more times the public see you and your work, the greater your chance of sales.  Having run our Lark Lane events for 7 years, we've built up a core community of Creatives who regularly book places at our events - some of whom have been with us since the very beginning.  We've all started in the same position as you - we had no idea if the public would pay to own our work.  If you believe your work is commercially viable, then give it a go! 

11.  Where do you advertise?
In addition to this website, we advertise our events on our facebook page here as well as a variety of forum and community pages and by leafleting.  All our Creatives help to advertise our markets on their own pages and sites and also help distribute leaflets at relevant local points in their community.  If you join us, you will be expected to participate in this activity.  We work as a Community for the benefit of the Community.  

12.  How do I apply?
Our current online application form is now available on this website/  We only accept online applications.  Submitting the form shows you agree to the Terms and Conditions and have current, valid insurance.   If we can offer you a place, you will be sent details of how to pay. 

13.  What if the date/s I apply for is/are full?
You will be notified, placed on a waiting list and, if possible, offered an alternative date.