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    Thanks to all who came to browse and buy from the Calidad Creative Community - we really appreciate your support.

    Amazingly, on a gorgeous August day when the sun was cracking the flags, some of our lovely customers were buying for Christmas!! 

    Hands in the bucket if you want to do it again next month - Saturday 13 September - hope to see you there!

  2. Well! We certainly got off the blocks on Saturday 12 July at Woolton! 

    Thanks to everyone who came to browse and buy from our talented Creative Community - your support is really appreciated.

    Thanks to all our Creatives who, as usual, contributed to a great atmosphere; and thanks to those who helped clear tables/chairs away - you know who you are 

    Yes, I know it's looking like an Oscars Acceptance Speech, but final thanks of the day go to all the people of St James Church who were there today, for their lovely welcome!

    Up for another one? Yes, let's. 
    Next Woolton date is 09 August and next Lark Lane date is 27 Sept.